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Our Services

Smilin’ Occasionz offer a bespoke service.  The service consists of the tailored structures, which help plan and execute a perfectly delivered end product.  This assists the client, giving them peace of mind as to how their day is going to be covered and what will be involved.

Phase 1

We have an initial stage where we speak to Clients and discuss their requirements, agree on a budget, which not only meets their pockets but gives them a basic knowledge of what’s involved and at what scale.

Phase 2

Come to an agreement, read the contract, sign and place a deposit.

Phase 3

We discuss further how we are going to implement a plan of action with both parties ideas, concerns and solutions. This will involve locations for an exclusive pre wedding photo shoot or a possible Creative Entrance trailer (dependent on package taken), which will be choreographed to a specific storyline on perhaps how the couple met, which will be played at a reception entrance.

Phase 4

Coming close to the dates, we ask your for a detailed itinerary. This is so that we can liaise with the team, give them a briefing of exactly what is required for each event in question and to ensure a smooth sail on the day.

Phase 5

The Big Day is covered as required by the Client, executed to a high standard allowing time for a Creative Shoot and a successful output to enable us to create a masterpiece.

Cinematic Photography
All images are provided with Copyright released.
Your Storybook album is designed with your selection of pictures and once approved, printed to a premium quality and standard.

Cinematography Video
All Raw material related to Video footage remains the ownership of Smilin’ Occasionz unless agreed prior for an additional release charge.

All events are fully edited and dubbed with your choice of songs or instrumentals for the final cut edit.

Our latest photo’s, video’s and blogs can be found on our social feed

What we use

We offer the use of Drones, Cranes and Jibs as additional add ons, if required to create a more dramatic and memorable experience for your events.  We shoot your events with the use of Sliders, Gliders, Steadicams, Monopods, Flycams, GoPro’s all with the use of HD output.

Our team is your team

Smilin Occasionz will arrive on the day with a team fitted with communication devices, high end equipment and a strategy which encompasses your every wish for the day.

Our team can be extended to cover different areas of your event at the same time to ensure we capture the important moments regardless of where they occur. The team will have a structure of who is to start when and where, (ie 1 team for the bride, 1 team for the groom, arrival at venue, decor capture, entrances and so forth), where will the team merge and plan of day as per discussion with yourselves.

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