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Hire Rates - Aventador Coupe


If you hire the Lamborghini Aventador coupe from Prestige Car Hire you’ll see that the 0-62 mph acceleration figure of 2.9 seconds and top speed of 217 mph do not fully describe this the Aventador rental’s extreme performance.

Aventador was the name of a bull that entered into battle in October 1993 at the Saragossa Arena, earning the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera” for its outstanding courage.

With the Aventador LP 700-4, Automobili Lamborghini is redefining the very pinnacle of the world super sports car market – brutal power, outstanding lightweight engineering and phenomenal handling precision are combined with peerless design and the very finest equipment to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

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Hire Rates - Continental GT


Available to hire from Prestige Car Hire, the Bentley Continental GT Speed is perfect for you if you like the thought of Lamborghini power and Range Rover all-weather capabilities.

Indeed, this Bentley Continental GT Speed car hire choice can do virtually everything both of those cars can do at once. The stylish, luxury performance vehicle will carry up to four people in superlative comfort, in all conditions, at speeds in excess of 200mph.

Hire the Bentley Continental GT Speed from Prestige Car Hire and experience for yourself how the luxury interior has a sporting theme, combining hand-crafted wood, leather and aluminium.

Sink into the sizeable seats, and the hand-crafted cabin immediately feels exclusive and high-class. A blend of downy and quilted super-soft leather is used to the utmost effect, with few cars this side of a Rolls-Royce feeling more elite.

Hire Rates - E Class


Mercedes-Benz E350 Cdi is a joy to look at and drive. This classy and comfortable German car hire model will usher you mile after mile along stretches of motorway, and you won’t even notice it. The suspension is smooth, cosseting and pampering. Watch the world go by as the big Mercedes virtually does the driving for you with its smooth as syrup automatic transmission.

Powering the E350 is a 2897cc, 258bhp V6 turbo diesel engine. Top speed is 155mph, but the all important zero to 62mph is done in just 6.4 seconds. That is utterly astounding given the weight of this solid chunk of magnificent metal.

Turning the key brings the V6 engine to life. It is so developed you can hardly tell you are driving a diesel engine vehicle and it is so hushed inside that any diesel rattle is only heard when your foot is buried into the lush carpet.

Behind the wheel you will notice that not one element of this Mercedes-Benz E350 Cdi car hire is cheap. The plastics are all of the finest quality and there are some delightful metal finishes too. Notable highlights include climate control, DAB digital radio and sat-nav.

Hire Rates - 5 Series


The BMW 5 Series stands in a class of its own. Combining elegance with exceptional driving dynamics, it makes every journey unforgettable.
Choose between a selection of powerful and economical BMW TwinPower Turbo engines in petrol or diesel versions. Get comfortable in an incredible up to 1,670 litres of space and feel how technology and innovation work seamlessly together to create the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Hire Rates - H2 Limo


Hummer H2 limo hire is perfect for any special occasion this impressive vehicle has bags of style, comfort & space. The Hummer can accommodate up to 16 passengers, making it perfect for those BIG occasions.

The Hummer H2 limousine exudes rugged luxury, making it ideal for showing off en-route to any event and then rolling up in first class style! A Hummer H2 limo hire is the ideal choice for transporting a large group to weddings, parties, proms, clubbing, hen & stag nights, sporting events, sightseeing or just a night out.

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